Zane’s First Birthday Cake Smash


The last few months have been very busy for me so I thought I should update my blog now that I have found a minute or two before all the crazy plans in the New Year start!

I was delighted to have this little boy in the studio a few weeks ago. Adorable baby Zane absolutely loved smashing up his first birthday cake. At the beginning of the shoot we captured some lovely Mummy and Son moments before the cake went all over his cute little jeans. He certainly had a great time posing and smiling throughout the shoot, he even threw the ‘O’ from the ONE letters at me at one stage and started giggling afterwards as he knew he was being naughty. It was such a pleasure to capture these wonderful images for a very proud Mum.

For more information regarding pricing and availability for all cake smash shoots taken in the studio please contact me on 0569501288 or email

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